Cash-in-hospital payment by BIMA Insurance

Suva, 5th July 2017 [By Josephine Gade, PR and social media representative at BIMA Fiji]

Tuicakau Nawaiciono, a 56 year old single mother of one, is the first Fiji claimant paid under BIMA’s “cash-in-hospital” insurance product.

Ms Nawaiciono, received $2,208 from BIMA in May just three days after lodging her claim which was processed by BIMA’s underwriter Dominion Insurance.

She had been admitted at the Colonial War Memorial Hospital in Suva for 24 nights, suffering from chronic back pain and had lodged a claim upon her discharge.

“Cash-in-hospital” is a simple and affordable hospitalization insurance coverage that Digicel subscribers can pay for using their mobile credit. It provides up to 96 per night in financial support to registered members after two nights spent in hospital. Members only need to provide their hospital release form to claim this financial aid.

For many low income earning families in Fiji who receive wages, missing work for several days can mean a substantial loss income. The financial support that this product provides can be

a great relief for families when they need it the most, providing a safety net to cover hospitalization expenses or docked wages.

“When I first purchased this insurance in August last year, I did not trust it completely but I decided to give it a go as the premiums were cheap.”

“I am glad that I kept paying my $21.60 monthly (deducted from my mobile credit) as it meant I was able to receive BIMA’s financial support which helped me recover after being unwell for more than 3 weeks,” she said.

The money she received was been used for medication, health reviews and transportation costs to Suva as Ms Nawaiciono resides in Nausori.

Ms Nawaiciono added that although during her hospitalization she was told she might not get better, she was comforted by the fact that she was covered by BIMA’s Health and Life insurance, so her child would receive some money should anything happen to her.

Since launching in Fiji over a year ago, BIMA already has more than 21,000 subscribers and paid out $29,000 worth of claims.

Starting from left side: Mr Paulo(Director Of Dominion), Mr Joeli Radio( Health & Life Claim Manager), Mrs Suruj Kumari(Senior Claims Administrator), Ms Tuicakau Nawaciono (BIMA Health Claimant), Mr Angelo Polimeno (Country Manager at the Pacific Region) and Mr Kitione (Finance)

BIMA, a world-leading mobile micro-insurance provider, focuses on offering mobile financial services to financially underserved communities. It has over 24 million subscribers in 14 countries, including Papua New Guinea and Fiji.

Digicel users between the ages of 18 - 60 can subscribe for BIMA insurance, without the need of any paper forms or preliminary checks. To register, customers can call BIMA’s call centre on 2462 to receive instruction on the subscription process.

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