Life Claim Payment by BIMA Insurance.

Suva, 6th March 2017 [By Josephine Gade, PR and social media manager at BIMA Fiji]

BIMA together with Digicel and Dominion Insurance announce another payment of claims in Fiji, under the new insurance services rolled out by BIMA for all Digicel subscribers in Fiji, and underwritten by Dominion.

The following customer was interviewed by BIMA’s Social Media Manager to discuss their experience with BIMA, from the registration until the claim payment.

The Late Misaele Lutuciri was a customer here at BIMA Insurance and nominated his wife Lavenia Koro to be his beneficiary. The Late Mr Lutuciri was on our basic life cover plan, which is $2.70 per month (payable with Digicel credit) for a cover of $3,000. He was also covered with BIMA’s basic health plan and therefore had a bonus of $450 in case of death. Despite not being able to pay the full monthly price in January ($2.25 only), he benefited from BIMA’s partial cover for partial payment policy, and his wife Lavenia Koro was eligible to make a claim of $2,950.

Lavenia Koro had a short interview with Bima’s Social Media Manager and was presented with a cheque. During the interview she mentioned and I quote “ My heart aches for he is no longer with us, but just before my husband passed he mentioned about Bima Insurance. To be really honest I was not even sure or had no idea what that means and later on, my husband said that this insurance is delivered through mobile”. During the interview she was very sad but at the same time she was overwhelmed about the husband being insured which she did not know. She mentioned and I quote “If he wasn’t insured, I would have been struggling with everything about my family and especially my children. I decided to call their toll free line “2462” and talked to a customer service agent and I mentioned that I wanted to make a claim. Through that process, they asked for the digicel number that my husband registered on and they mentioned that I am eligible to make a claim. Claim process was fine and I thank BIMA for being a reliable and very caring company. When it comes to claim, I was not surprised yet tears roll down because this is such a large amount of money. We faced so many difficulties in life but he is the only one that works in the family. I am very glad that he told me that he is insured cause I had nothing to prepare because I’m not working”. Lavenia believes that this money will help them, she’s still at shock because of her husband’s sudden death. She mentioned and I quote “I am planning to buy a new sim card and get myself registered at Bima Insurance. As far as I know, benefits are worth it. I am very grateful for Bima Insurance for your support towards me and my family”.

This is the 11th claim paid by BIMA and the 8th claim paid in 2017. BIMA was launched in partnership with Dominion Insurance and Digicel in July 2016 and is now covering more than 30,000 people in Fiji Islands. To know more, call BIMA on 2462 from a Digicel line.

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