Story of an Agent at BIMA Insurance.


Suva, 20th February, 2017 [By Josephine Gade, PR and Social Media Manager at BIMA Fiji]

Bima’s goal is to bring Insurance to everyone who couldn’t easily access it before. We realized that a large part of the population in developing countries were under-served. They couldn’t buy insurance products because they were unbanked, living in rural areas where there was no branch, or just unaware of the benefits of insurance.

Bima, believes that mobile technology holds the key to unlocking the full mass-market potential of micro-insurance, but at the same time most Fijians are equipped with mobile phones. Our idea is therefore to use mobile phones as a channel of education, distribution and payment to bring insurance to the un-insured.

Our agents call Digicel subscribers all over Fiji and their role is to educate customers with benefits of having life insurance and/ or a health insurance, present BIMA’s innovative products that are more affordable and they also register customers who are interested in our service, by taking their details over the phone. Agents are the initial point of contact for customers and they represent proudly BIMA in Fiji.

For now, we introduced one of our very own Sales Agent that had been interviewed by BIMA’s Social Media Manager, who was able to talk to the agent about his motivation, challenges faced and what makes him happy for being part of the BIMA Team. Here is the story about His Life and experiences with BIMA Insurance.

One of our very own Sales Agent Meli Nakalevu, he hails from Dakuivuna Village, Wainibuka, Tailevu.

As for Meli, this is his first experience of being a Sales Agent. Ever since he started with BIMA he says and I quote “ Being an agent really took out my confidence of being myself, as for I am selectively social and I thank the Management Team for bringing out the best in me”. Therefore, every agent has different motivations, as for Meli’s motivation, is to serve Customers with Good Services and able to work and to have his own budget where he can control and he also says and I quote “ I am not only motivated by providing good customer service but team work that works things better of being an Agent”. Being an agent is not easy but we will always make sure that targets are met.

As for BIMA Insurance, we have three values which an agent should have “Think Big & Start Small” “Earn & Give Respect” and “Take Ownership”. For customer services, it is important to listen to the customer all the time.

As for Meli he said and I quote “Promoting the product is much important because I have to make sure that the customers I serve should understand thoroughly on what he or she is signing up for and it also focus on the benefits and interests of customers and this also include the Management Team for their guidance upon me of being an Agent and to our Directors I thank them all for all their hardwork and effort for putting this company as one family”. As for all agent they know that it is challenging to meet the targets and to serve customers face to face or through the telephone and as for Meli he said and I quote “It could be challenging to meet the targets but it could be a competition at times but for me it is always about listening to the customer, provide good service and to conduct the best of our ability to make customers understand about the policy that are met according to their choice of being Insured”.

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