bimahealth is a new kind of health insurance offered in Fiji by BIMA in partnership with Digicel and Dominion


With bimahealth you receive a fixed amount of money for each night you spend in the hospital, starting from the second night. It is also called "cash-in-hospital insurance". That way if you have to be hospitalised for a few days, you will receive financial support and you won't have to worry about the costs incurred.


You can chose any hospital you want, and it applies regarless of the cause of hospitalisation (see exclusions below). Even if the hospitalisation is free, we will pay the cash benefit. 


Finally you won't have to compromise on your health anymore. Subscribe to bimahealth today!



340 Waimanu Road




Tel: 2462 (long number: 7732462)


In case of partial payment, a proportional cover applies (e.g. if you pay only $1.34, your cover will be $14 per night). You can ask for a maximum of 30 nights in hospital to be paid in a 12-months period


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What is it?
How much does it cost?

We offer 3 different covers with different monthly prices. The monthly cost is divided into 20 daily payments deducted from your Digicel credit:

Who can subscribe?

Almost everyone can subscribe, and the price is the same for all. You only need to be:

  • A Digicel prepaid customer

  • Aged 18-60

  • In good health condition when you subscribe


If you choose to pay for someone else's cover, this person needs to be a member of your close family (spouse, parent or child)

How can I subscribe?


Call us for free on 2462 and a friendly BIMA agent will take your details.


Our call centre is open from Mon to Sun from 8.30am to 5.30pm


After the call you will receive an SMS summarising your choice. Reply "YES" to this SMS to agree with the Terms & Conditions and confirm your registration


After receiving your confirmation, we will send you a text message to welcome you. Your daily deduction will start and your cover commences the first day of the following month

Monday - Friday 

8:30 am to 5:30 pm


9 am to 2 pm

What are the exclusions?

Our goal is not to encourge risky or unlawfull behaviour. Your claim will therefore be dismissed if the hospitalisation is linked to the following causes:

  • Criminal act

  • Terrorism

  • War

  • Suicide, attempted suicide and self-injuries

  • Drugs and/or alcohol-related accidents

  • HIV / AIDS and associated conditions

  • Pre-existing health condition


Hospitalisation due to normal pregnancy is also not insured for the first 9 months of your membership



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